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Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua: A Beloved Prayer

“Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua” (Urdu: لب پہ آتی ہے دعا), meaning “The Prayer Comes to My Lips” in English, is a cherished supplication penned by the renowned poet-philosopher, Muhammad Iqbal, in 1902. This beautiful Urdu verse transcends religious boundaries and serves as a powerful expression of hope, purpose, and compassion.

A Unifying Message

The poem’s enduring appeal lies in its universal message. It yearns for a life that illuminates the world, dispels darkness, and serves as a source of beauty and knowledge. It expresses a desire to contribute positively to one’s homeland and a love for learning. These aspirations resonate deeply with people regardless of their faith or background.

Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Urdu Roman Urdu English

UrduRoman UrduEnglish Translation
لَب پِہ آتی ہَے دُعا بَن کے تَمَنّا مِری
زِنْدَگی شَمْع کی صُورَت ہو خُدايا مِری
lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna mirizindagi shamma ki suurat ho Xudaaya miriMy longing comes to my lips as a supplication of mineOh God! May like a shining candle be the life of mine
دُور دُنِيا کا مِرے دَم سے اَنْدھيرا ہو جائے
ہَر جَگَہ مِرے چَمَکنے سے اُجالا ہو جائے
duur dunya ka mere dam se andhera ho jayehar jagah mire chamakne se ujaala ho jayeMay the darkness of this world disappear through this life of mineMay every place light up with the sparkling light of mine
ہو مِرے دَم سے يُوں ہی مِرے وَطَن کی زِينَت
جِس طَرَح پُھول سے ہُوتی ہَے چَمَن کی زِينَت
ho mire dam se yunhi mire vatan ki zeenatjis tarha phuul se hoti hai chaman ki zeenatMay my homeland, through me, attain eleganceJust as the garden, through flowers, attains elegance
زِنْدَگی ہو مِری پَرْوانے کی صُورَت، يا رَب
عِلْم کی شَمْع سے ہو مُجھ کو مُحَبَّت، يا رب
zindagi ho miri parwane ki suurat, ya Rabbilm ki shamma se ho mujh ko muhabbat, ya RabbMay my life be like that of the moth, Oh LordMay my love be for the beacon of knowledge, Oh Lord
ہو مِرا کام غَرِيبوں کی حِمايَت کَرنا
دَرْدْ مَنْدوں سے ضَعِيفوں سے مُحَبَّت کَرنا
ho mira kaam ghareebon ki himaayat karnadardmandon se za’eefon se muhabbat karnaMay my life’s way be to support the needyAnd to love the old and the grief-stricken
مِرے اللہ! بُرائی سے بَچانا مُجھ کو
نيک جو راہ ہو، اُس رَہ پِہ چَلانا مُجھ کو
mire Allah! buraai se bachaana mujhkonek jo raah ho, us reh pe chalaana mujhkoMy God! Protect me from the evil waysWalk me through the path that leads to virtue

Benefits of lab pe Aati hai Dua

Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua, a beautiful Urdu prayer written by Muhammad Iqbal, offers several benefits:

Spiritual Upliftment: The prayer itself is a supplication to God, expressing desires for a meaningful and purposeful life. It uplifts the spirit by focusing on positive aspirations.

Moral Compass: The lyrics promote noble wishes like spreading light in the world, serving one’s country, and seeking knowledge. Reciting it can serve as a daily reminder of these ideals.

Inner Peace: The prayer’s gentle tone and hopeful message can bring a sense of calm and inner peace to those who recite it.

Cultural Connection: Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua is widely recited in schools across Pakistan and parts of India. It fosters a connection to cultural heritage and shared values.

Interfaith Harmony: The prayer focuses on universal themes of goodness and enlightenment, promoting a message that can resonate with people of various faiths.

Overall, Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua is a powerful invocation that can enrich your life in multiple ways.

Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Singer

“Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua” (Lips Utter a Prayer) isn’t credited to a specific singer in the traditional sense. It’s a poem written by the famous Urdu poet Muhammad Iqbal in 1902.pen_spark


Who wrote Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua?

The poem was written by Muhammad Iqbal, a prominent figure in Urdu literature and Islamic thought.

What is the significance of Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua?

The poem is recited widely in schools across Pakistan and India, particularly during morning assemblies. It serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of leading a purposeful and compassionate life.

Where can I find the full text of Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua?

Several resources online offer the full Urdu text and English translations of the poem. You can find it by searching for “Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua” on the web.

Is there a musical rendition of Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua?

The poem has been adapted into numerous beautiful and soulful songs. You can find these renditions by searching for “Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua” on music streaming services or YouTube: yard.

A Lasting Legacy

“Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua” continues to inspire generations with its message of hope and service. It serves as a reminder that each individual has the potential to make a positive impact on the world.


May our lives become a beacon of light, dispelling darkness and bringing love and knowledge to the world. May we serve those in need and find purpose in our pursuit of wisdom. Amen.pen_spark

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