Islamic Names For Boys | 2024

For expectant Muslim parents, selecting a name for their son is a beautiful and significant responsibility. Islamic tradition offers a rich selection of names imbued with positive meanings and historical significance. This article explores the beauty of Islamic names for boys, providing a guide and answering some frequently asked questions.

Islamic names for boys Hindi

  1. Aayan (आयान) – Blessing, Grace (of God)
  2. Aarav (आराव) – Peaceful, Serene
  3. Ibrahim (इब्राहीम) – Father of multitudes (Prophet Abraham)
  4. Danish (दानिश) – Scholar, Knowledgeable
  5. Farhan (फरहान) – Happy, Joyful
  6. Haaris (हारिस) – Protector, Guardian
  7. Imran (इमरान) – The highest, Exalted (one)
  8. Junaid (जुनैद) – Soldier, Warrior
  9. Kabir (कबीर) – Great, Grand
  10. Rayan (रायान) – A gateway to Paradise (in Islam)
  11. Saif (सैफ) – Sword, Brave
  12. Suहैल (Suhail) – Easy, Star Canopus
  13. Zain (ज़ैन) – Graceful, Beautiful
  14. Zayan (ज़ियान) – Beautiful, Graceful
  15. Rehan (रेहान) – Sweet basil, Fragrant
  16. Amaan (आमान) – Trustworthy, Faithful
  17. Daniyal (दानियाल) – God is my judge
  18. Rizwan (रिजवान) – Contentment, Gatekeeper of Paradise
  19. Shayan (शायन) – Worthy of praise, Desirable
  20. Faris (फारिस) – Horseman, Knight

Unique Muslim boy names

  1. Asim (Meaning: Protector, Defender)
  2. Bari (Meaning: Pious, Righteous)
  3. Basir (Meaning: Seeing, Insightful)
  4. Faysal (Meaning: Decisive, Victorious)
  5. Faris (Meaning: Knight, Horseman)
  6. Haytham (Meaning: Like a lion, Brave)
  7. Ilyas (Meaning: Prophet Elijah)
  8. Junaid (Meaning: Soldier, Warrior)
  9. Kais (Meaning: Strong, Leader)
  10. Layth (Meaning: Lion, Brave)
  11. Nadim (Meaning: Intimate friend, Companion)
  12. Omar (Meaning: Flourishing, Prosperous)
  13. Rafiq (Meaning: Companion, Friend)
  14. Saeed (Meaning: Fortunate, Happy)
  15. Sulayman (Meaning: Prophet Solomon, Peace)
  16. Tahir (Meaning: Pure, Chaste)
  17. Ubayd (Meaning: Worshipper, Devout)
  18. Waleed (Meaning: Newborn, New Beginning)
  19. Zahir (Meaning: Bright, Shining)
  20. Zayd (Meaning: Increase, Abundance)

Top 100 Muslim boy names

Here’s a list of 100 popular Muslim boy names along with their meanings:

  1. Abdullah (Servant of God)
  2. Ahmed (One who constantly thanks God)
  3. Ali (Noble, Exalted)
  4. Amir (Prince, Commander)
  5. Hamza (Strong, Steadfast)
  6. Hassan (Good, Beautiful)
  7. Omar (Thriving, Flourishing)
  8. Muhammad (Praiseworthy)
  9. Nuh (Noah)
  10. Ibrahim (Abraham)
  11. Aayan (God’s Gift)
  12. Adeel (Virtuous, Just)
  13. Adnan (Paradise)
  14. Arif (Knowledgeable)
  15. Arsalan (Lion, Fearless)
  16. Asim (Guardian, Protector)
  17. Atif (Kind, Merciful)
  18. Ayman (Lucky, Blessed)
  19. Bashar (Bringer of Good News)
  20. Bilal (Pure, Sincere)
  21. Daniyal (God is my Judge)
  22. Dawud (David, Friend)
  23. Fahad (Leopard)
  24. Faheem (Intelligent, Understanding)
  25. Faiz (Prosperous, Successful)
  26. Farhan (Happy, Joyful)
  27. Hadi (Guide)
  28. Harun (Aaron)
  29. Husain (Beautiful)
  30. Idris (Prophet)
  31. Ilyas (Elijah)
  32. ** Imran** (High, Exalted)
  33. Isa (Jesus)
  34. Ismail (Ishmael)
  35. Ishaq (Isaac)
  36. Jaffer (Stream, River)
  37. Jalal (Glory, Majesty)
  38. Kamal (Perfection)
  39. Kareem (Generous, Noble)
  40. Khalid (Eternal)
  41. Luqman (Wise)
  42. Mahdi (Guided One)
  43. Musa (Moses)
  44. Mustafa (Chosen One)
  45. Muslim (Devotee of Islam)
  46. Nadir (Rare, Precious)
  47. Nawaz (Favored, Graced)
  48. Nuh (Noah)
  49. Omar (Thriving)
  50. Osman (Third Caliph of Islam)
  51. Rahim (The Most Merciful)
  52. Rahman (The Most Compassionate)
  53. Rashid (Rightly Guided)
  54. Rayan (A Gate of Paradise)
  55. Saad (Happiness)
  56. Saif (Sword)
  57. Salah (Prayer)
  58. Salman (Safe, Secure)
  59. Sameer (Pleasant Companion)
  60. Sami (Hearer, Listener)
  61. Sufyan (Fast-Moving)
  62. Suहैल (Suhail) (Star)
  63. Taha (Purity)
  64. Talha (Rain)
  65. Tariq (Knocker, Seeker)
  66. Ubaid (Servant, Worshipper)
  67. Usama (Lion)
  68. Uzair (Ezra)
  69. Walid (Newborn)
  70. Yaqoob (Jacob)
  71. Yaseen (Heart of the Quran)
  72. Yusuf (Joseph)
  73. Zaid (Increase, Abundance)
  74. Zain (Beauty, Grace)
  75. Zakariya (Zachariah)
  76. Zayd (Growth, Prosperity)
  77. Zeeshan (Alive, Prosperous)
  78. Zohaib (Spear)
  79. Zubair (Strong)
  80. Rayan (Garden of Paradise)
  81. Reza (Pleasure of God)
  82. Saad (Happiness)
  83. Safi (Pure)
  84. Saif (Sword)
  85. Salah (Righteous Deed)
  86. Salman (Safe, Peaceful)
  87. Sami (Hearer, Listener)
  88. Sufyan (Swift, Agile)
  89. Suhail (Star)
  90. Talha (Abundant Rain)
  91. Tariq (Knocker, Seeker)
  92. Usman (Young Lion)
  93. Waheed (Unique, One)
  94. Waleed ( newborn)
  95. Yahya (John)
  96. Yaseen (Heart’s Content)
  97. Younus (Jonah)
  98. Yusuf (Handsome, Prosperous)
  99. Zahir (Bright, Shining)
  100. Zaid (Growth, Abundance)

Islamic baby boy names from Quran

Here are some Islamic baby boy names derived from the Quran or inspired by its themes:

  • Abdullah: Meaning “servant of God,” a beautiful and common name directly mentioned in the Quran.
  • Ibrahim: The name of Prophet Abraham, a symbol of faith and obedience.
  • Idris: Believed to be a prophet mentioned in the Quran, associated with knowledge and wisdom.
  • Musa: Prophet Moses, a strong leader and messenger of God.
  • Nuh: Prophet Noah, known for his patience and righteousness.
  • Aadil: Meaning “just, fair,” reflecting a value highly regarded in Islam.
  • Barak: Meaning “blessing,” invoking God’s favor upon the child.
  • Rahim: One of God’s names, meaning “the Most Merciful.”
  • Rafiq: Meaning “companion,” a reminder of the importance of good company.
  • Sulayman: Prophet Solomon, known for his wisdom and justice.

These are just a few examples, and many other beautiful names can be found in the Quran or hold Islamic meaning.


What are some popular Islamic names for boys?

Classic names like Muhammad (praiseworthy), Ali (exalted), and Omar (thriving) are always popular. Other options include Ibrahim (friend of God), Yusuf (handsome), and Nuh (peace).

What qualities should I consider when choosing a name?

Many parents seek names that reflect positive qualities like courage (Asim), intelligence (Arif), or kindness (Arham). Names associated with Prophets or Islamic figures are also common choices.

How can I find the meaning of an Islamic name?

Several online resources offer comprehensive lists of Islamic names with their meanings. You can also consult Islamic scholars or browse baby name websites with Islamic filters.

What about cultural considerations?

Many Islamic names have regional variations or spellings. Discussing name choices with family elders can ensure cultural appropriateness and continuity.


Choosing a name for your son is a deeply personal decision. By understanding the rich tradition of Islamic names and their meanings, you can select a name that reflects your values, heritage, and hopes for your child’s future. Remember, the most beautiful name is one that carries love, blessings, and good wishes for your son’s life journey.

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