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months name in hindi

India is a diverse country with a rich cultural heritage and a multitude of languages spoken across its vast expanse. Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in India and is considered the mother tongue of millions. Understanding the months in Hindi can be essential for communication and cultural immersion, especially when you’re in India or interacting with Hindi-speaking communities. In this article, we will explore the names of the months in Hindi for the year 2023, along with some interesting facts and frequently asked questions about Hindi months.

Hindi Months (महीने के नाम) in 2023

Here are the names of the months in Hindi for the year 2023:

  1. जनवरी (January): The first month of the year is called “जनवरी” in Hindi. It is a winter month in most parts of India, and it’s a time when people celebrate various festivals, including Makar Sankranti and Republic Day.
  2. फरवरी (February): “फरवरी” is the Hindi name for February. This month brings with it the celebration of Valentine’s Day and the colorful festival of Holi.
  3. मार्च (March): In Hindi, March is known as “मार्च.” It marks the transition from winter to spring, and the festival of Holi is a major highlight of this month.
  4. अप्रैल (April): April is called “अप्रैल” in Hindi. It’s a warm month in most parts of India and a time when schools and colleges usually have their final exams.
  5. मई (May): “मई” is the Hindi name for May. It’s the peak of the summer season in India, and it’s also the month when the International Labor Day is celebrated.
  6. जून (June): June is known as “जून” in Hindi. It’s a hot and dry month, and schools are usually closed for summer vacations.
  7. जुलाई (July): “जुलाई” is the Hindi name for July. Monsoon season typically begins in July in many parts of India, bringing relief from the summer heat.
  8. अगस्त (August): August is called “अगस्त” in Hindi. It’s the month of independence for India, as it marks the celebration of Independence Day on the 15th.
  9. सितंबर (September): “सितंबर” is the Hindi name for September. This month brings a sense of renewal as it marks the beginning of the academic year for many students.
  10. अक्टूबर (October): October is known as “अक्टूबर” in Hindi. It’s the time for the festive season with celebrations like Navratri and Diwali.
  11. नवम्बर (November): November is called “नवम्बर” in Hindi. It’s the month when the country celebrates Children’s Day and Guru Nanak Jayanti.
  12. दिसंबर (December): The last month of the year, December, is known as “दिसंबर” in Hindi. It’s a festive month with Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Hindi Months in the Indian Calendar

The Hindi months, as mentioned above, correspond to the Gregorian calendar that is widely used across the world. However, India also has its own traditional lunar calendar, known as the “Hindu calendar” or “Panchang,” which has its unique set of month names. The Hindu calendar is followed for various religious and cultural purposes.

In the Hindu calendar, the names of the months are different, and each month is based on the lunar cycle. The months in the Hindu calendar do not have a fixed number of days, as they can vary from 29 to 30 days. Some of the Hindu calendar month names include Chaitra, Vaishakha, Shravana, and Kartika.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Hindi month names the same every year?

No, the Hindi month names remain the same every year in the Gregorian calendar. However, it’s important to note that the months in the Hindu calendar, which is followed for religious and cultural events, have different names and can vary in length each year.

Do all regions of India use the same names for months in Hindi?

While Hindi is widely spoken across India, there may be regional variations in the way months are referred to in different dialects and languages. However, the names of the months in Hindi, as mentioned in this article, are commonly understood and used throughout the country.

What are the traditional Indian festivals associated with each month?

  • January (जनवरी): Makar Sankranti, Republic Day.
  • February (फरवरी): Valentine’s Day, Holi.
  • March (मार्च): Holi.
  • April (अप्रैल): No major festivals.
  • May (मई): International Labor Day.
  • June (जून): Summer vacations.
  • July (जुलाई): Monsoon begins.
  • August (अगस्त): Independence Day.
  • September (सितंबर): Beginning of the academic year.
  • October (अक्टूबर): Navratri, Diwali.
  • November (नवम्बर): Children’s Day, Guru Nanak Jayanti.
  • December (दिसंबर): Christmas, New Year’s Eve.

What is the significance of the Hindu calendar?

The Hindu calendar, also known as the Panchang, is significant in India for religious and cultural purposes. It is used to determine auspicious days for various ceremonies, festivals, and rituals. It is also instrumental in calculating the dates of Hindu festivals and fasts based on the lunar cycle.

How do I learn and remember the Hindi month names?

Learning the Hindi month names is not difficult. You can create flashcards with the names in Hindi and their English translations. Practice and repetition are key to memorization. You can also find online resources and language learning apps to help you remember the names more easily.

Are there any specific customs or traditions associated with particular months in India?

Yes, India is known for its diverse customs and traditions, and some are associated with specific months. For example, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in August, where sisters tie a protective thread (rakhi) on their brothers’ wrists. In October, the festival of Navratri is celebrated with dance and music, while Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the same month.

Are there any regional variations in the way months are referred to in Hindi?

Yes, there can be regional variations in the pronunciation and usage of Hindi month names. Different dialects and accents may lead to slight differences, but the names presented in this article are generally accepted and understood throughout India.

H3: 8. How do I convert between the Gregorian and Hindu calendars?

Converting between the Gregorian and Hindu calendars can be complex due to the lunar nature of the latter. It often requires the use of specialized software or consultation with a Hindu calendar expert. Online tools and applications can also help with this conversion.


Understanding the months in Hindi is not only useful for communication but also for gaining insights into Indian culture and traditions. Whether you’re planning a trip to India, learning the language, or simply curious about how time is reckoned in Hindi, this article provides you with the names of the months in Hindi for 2023, along with some important insights and FAQs. Learning about the cultural significance of each month can enrich your experience and help you engage more deeply with the people and traditions of India.

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